Cruise into your next event with us.

You, your guests, a boat or three and a good time.


For whatever event you have in mind there is an abundance of entertainment options. The Popeye has been host to various Adelaide Fringe shows, painting classes, cabaret acts, weddings, cocktail courses, movie screenings, Christmas parties, art exhibitions and so much more. You can hire your own band or performers or get some extra inspiration from our past events on Facebook or Instagram.


Always welcome to bring your own family favourites. For those in search of that perfect pasta that pairs best with our red wine of choice, we can call up our friends at Andre’s to whip up something special. Or lets host a three course meal, organise a Frenchy soiree, or order your own pizza delivery. Whatever floats your boat.


To not take advantage of great South Australian brewers, wine makers and distillers would be very un-Australian of us. Proudly stocking local favourites in wine, beer, cider and spirits. And don’t forget the cocktails.


We can host up to 49 guests on board with unlimited options on how to use the floorspace. Cocktail tables, silky persain rugs, a 5m long center table, rustic bench seating or free floor space.
There is surround sound with the ability to play your own music, hire a DJ, strum your guitar or leave it up to us and our Spotify collection.

Wait Staff.

Need a hand? We’ve got it.

For those who like to book online

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