Save $'s on your online booking.

We value creating memories for people. If we can make that happen by offering a little discount, so be it.

Always worth asking, isn’t it?

Travelling as a family?

Use the promo code ‘FAM’ to receive a discount on checkout when booking 2 adults and 2 children travelling on board our Sightseeing Cruise.

Captain Jolley's & Popeye

If you’re planning a big day out, receive 15% off your total order when purchasing both a Popeye Sightseeing Cruise ticket and a Captain Jolleys Paddle Boat ticket. 

The more outdoors time the better!

This discount will automatically apply to your order when both products are selected.

Mid week memories

Email us with the heading ‘Mid week memories’ and we’ll supply you with a $5 voucher to use on booking our Sightseeing Cruise Monday through Thursday. Kudos for asking.